Greenville Community Foundation Changes Name

In an effort to better reflect the Foundation's commitment to all of eastern North Carolina, and to show special appreciation for donors who contribute to worthy causes throughout the region, the Greater Greenville Community Foundation has changed their name to The Community Foundation of NC East.

Since 1977, the Community Foundation of NC East, then known as the Greenville Trust, has always been committed to helping donors establish endowments that have a direct impact on our community. Throughout the years, the reach of the Foundation spread well beyond the city borders of Greenville throughout eastern North Carolina.

With such a broad footprint and impact on our region, we felt that our old name prevented us from really telling that whole story, says Melissa Spain, CEO of the CFNCEast. Our new name, the Community Foundation of NC East, serves two purposes: it better establishes our commitment to the entire eastern NC region, and it lets the public know that we, quite literally, put the community first.

In addition to the new name, the organization also underwent an entire rebranding campaign, updating the logo and tagline. Featuring a large tree with interlocking limbs, the new logo demonstrates the organization's steadfast and lifelong commitment to our region as well as the perpetuity of giving through the community foundation.

The tree is a wonderful symbol for the Foundation. Much like a tree, the Foundation provides protection and care for the community and stand sentry over the region, improving local organizations that directly benefit eastern North Carolina, says Spain of the new mark.

Individuals and companies can establish endowments through the Foundation for as little as $5,000 that benefit local organizations on an annual basis. Additionally The Community Foundation assists local nonprofits, which use the Foundation as a pass-through for funding and filing end-of-year financials. If you are interested in learning more about the Community Foundation of NC East and how you can contribute, contact them at 252-756-8549.