Happy Community Foundation Week! A Letter from Our CEO

It seems that never in recent history, have we ever been more ready to shift our focus to “A Season of Celebration”. It is with much pleasure that I share with each of you, our Donors and Donor Families, Regional Partners and Supporters, that we kick off our Season of Celebration first and foremost with National Community Foundation Week! November 12-18, we are beyond proud, excited and honored to join the national network of over 900 Community Foundations celebrating the incredible life changing work that we enable 365 days a year. For more than a century, Community Foundations have served as a trusted partner and resource whose effect can be seen in the lives of millions and in the vibrant neighborhoods and communities throughout our regions that continue to thrive through their mission driven work. The work of Community Foundations spans beyond the practice of giving. There truly is a tremendous tangible impact that can be seen in the lives of countless individuals and organizations we serve. We are more determined than ever to bring our community and regional partners together to find innovative and effective solutions for some of our most challenging issues and advance the most promising of opportunities to benefit those whom need our resources.

As Community Foundations find solutions for communities large and small, urban and rural, it is the collective work of the organizations that will have the most profound impact. This was most evident amid this years coronavirus pandemic where over $1 billion was distributed by Community Foundations in response to the crisis. Here within our region, The Community Foundation of NC East has been incredibly fortunate to have distributed $1.2 Million dollars in grants to nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, including being able to assist regional schools, nonprofits and businesses with emergency needs they have faced during this unprecedented time. (please click on the grants/distributions link on our website to view). In addition, please see our link: keepencstrong giving pledge 2020!

As we now enter the holiday giving season, millions of people from every background will be looking to give back to the communities and regions that have supported them. They will also look to ensure that their heartfelt giving - however they choose to give - will have the most impact. You see, that is without a doubt what we as Community Foundations do best. That is why so many of them will choose to give to a Community Foundation. We remain the most valuable and trusted resource of those across the nation and the world whom wish to entrust their financial resources to be put to best use to fill the needs of those whom need it the most. Please never forget that a donation or gift to The Community Foundation of NC East in an investment in the future of your community and region. The Community Foundation of NC East is able to live our mission of Promoting, Enabling & Celebrating Philanthropy in Eastern North Carolina For Good, For Ever, because of the generosity of each of our Donors, their families and our regional partners. In our business, we do not think about the next election or business cycle, we think about the next generation and the next generation after that.

So today and in the days and weeks that follow, as we begin to think about how best to end 2020 by doing something extraordinary in meaning, I encourage you to join us, and lets put our time, talents and financial resources together, to help continue the ever significant mission and vision of our Foundation. In spite of the challenges of 2020, we have proven that we are Eastern North Carolina Strong, day after day, by having strength, determination, hope, renewal, restoration and success. We hope that you will consider investing in your community and region by making a gift to The Community Foundation of NC East in the remaining weeks of 2020. The blessings and the lessons of this year will be with us forever, and your generosity of a financial gift will help enable our legacy to continue for good, for ever!

Thank you for the honor of serving as CEO, we are indeed Eastern North Carolina Strong Together!

Melissa Q. Spain

Chief Executive Officer

Donate to KeepENCStrong:

Please click here to invest in our KeepENCStrong giving pledge: donations may be made online through our PayPal account, by mailing a donation by check made payable to The Community Foundation of NC East, or, directly through your Donor Fund with our Foundation by email to Charlene Silver, Donor Services Manager or by calling our office, 252-756-8549.