Planned Giving: Bequest

Often the easiest way to support charitable interests, a bequest permits you to support the community while retaining complete control over your assets during your lifetime. Bequests can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of an estate, or what remains after other bequests, such as those to family members, are satisfied.


Heirs may receive lifetime income from a charitable trust, with the remainder going to the Foundation for charitable purposes.

You may name a new fund, an existing fund, or a specific group or organization to receive a bequest.

The Foundation can accept cash, appreciated stocks, or other assets.

Some of the most tax-efficient asset types to give through a will come from retirement plans, which can be far more advantageous than having those assets included in a taxable estate or leaving them to heirs, in which case they may be taxed at a cumulative rate of over 65%.

Bequests to the Foundation earn a full charitable deduction on estate taxes.

Other Planned Giving Options

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