Current Funds

We offer a wide variety of funds that are flexible to meet our donor's different needs and charitable interests. See the funds listed below for more information, and to find the right fund for you, contact us and we can happily discuss each option.

Unrestricted Funds

These funds offer the broadest giving option, allowing grants to be made wherever our professional staff and board determines our communities needs are the greatest.

Field-of-Interest Funds

This fund type creates grants that meet needs in a particular field or geographic area that is of most interest to you, the donor.

Donor-Advised Funds

These funds enable you to recommend specific organizations to receive grants.

Scholarship Funds

These funds help students receive the money necessary to pursue academic goals. You may define guidelines for candidacy, the advisory committee, the school and the award itself

Designated Funds

This type of fund lets you support specific organizations while we make sure the grants to those groups remain relevant over time and are responsive to changing circumstances and needs.


Current Endowment Funds List

If you'd like to give to one of the already worthy causes and funds in our region, we are happy to assist you in this giving. Below is a list of our current endowment funds.

Dr. Chris & Barbara Bremer Fund

Boyd Fund

CareNet Counseling East Fund

Sara Allen Fund

Abrego Lappin Dreams Beyond Barriers Fund

Ashley Farmer Scholarship Fund

The Abram Peal Barnhill & Katie Mae Roberson Barnhill Scholarship Fund

Bland Circus Charitable Gift Fund

The George S. Dawkins Education Scholarship Fund

Dr. Mary J. Raab Charitable Fund

Earl T. Brown Charitable Fund

Edna Simmons Estate Fund

Erlene & Ruffin McNeill Fund

Fanning Family Charitable Gift Fund

Ficklen Fund

Lamont and Cindy Wooten Fund

Greenville Museum of Art Fund

The P & A Charitable Gift Fund

Burney and Judy Warren Fund

Regulator Marine In His Service Fund

B. Vernon Cox & Helena M. Cox Fund

Michael Weeks Fund

Lynda E. Lane Fund

Jeff & Jan Turpin Fund

Richard & Carolyn Shultzaberger Fund

Walton & Butler Family Fund

Hodges Family Fund

Hooker Trust Fund

James & Norma Jones Charitable Fund

John and Nancy Bray Fund

Pitt County Golden K Kiwanis/Clifton Boyd Nursing Scholarship Fund

Bill & Agnes Monk Charitable Gift Fund

The LTC Richard & Carol Naughton Fund

Riley's Army Fund

Mike & Chris Runyon Fund

First Rung Fund

The Ann H. and James C. Whitehurst, Jr. Family Gift Fund

Edwards Family Fund

HOPE (His Outpouring Pruitt's Empowerment) Fund

Rudy & Nan Howard Family Fund

Our Cup Runneth Over Fund

Hawthorne Family Fund

Hayslip Family Fund


Current Pass-Through Funds List

We are happy to have the opportunity to have assisted countless organizations in our region as they've grown to become fully-functioning 501-c3 non-profit organizations. Often, these organizations require special assistance as they grow and continue to serve our region, and we work with these organizations and allow them to operate as "pass-throughs" of the Foundation. For a complete list of the pass-through funds, see the list below.

Internal Support & Outreach Fund

Morgan Family Cystic Fibrosis Fund

Chris Godley State Farm Party With A Purpose Fund

Churchill Briley THINK! Memorial Scholarship Fund

Greenville Baseball Fund Gives


Beau's Buddies Cancer Fund

Dominican Dental Mission Fund

CFNCEast Founders Fund

Regulator Marine - In His Service Fund

Disaster Relief Fund

Wildwood Park

Get Started Today

To learn more about the Community Foundation of NC East and its impact to our region and local communities, or to get started on your planned giving, simply contact us at 252-756-8549 to speak with our Chief Executive Officer, Melissa Spain.